For our fave. 

For our fave. 

Gabriella: When my sister first asked me for a speech, I didn’t know what to say. Those of you who know Dominique know that she can be a woman of very few words, so our conversation went like this:

Josiah: “You wanna do my graduation speech? It only has to be 3-5min.”

Gabriella: “LOL what is that?”

Josiah: “Idek. It’s mandatory. You just talk about me.”

Gabriella: “Sure!!! Just lmk when you have more info.”

Josiah: “Gracias chica! I don’t want it to be long at all. Like 2 minutes cause I don’t even wanna do it I think it’s stupid.”

Gabriella: 5 WEEKS LATER, we still had no information. So, quite literally, I didn’t know to say.

Josiah: If you know Dominique well enough to get her talking, you know that she and the WGCS rules don’t get along. It’s amazing that she’s graduating today, even though she broke the earring code 24/7. Since she made it through, we’re following the trend and breaking the rules by giving this speech together.

Gabriella: They say your graduation is the biggest day of your life, or at least one of the happiest days. Not quite true for Dominique. My sister is happiest when she’s eating Chipotle, watching Grey’s Anatomy, filtering her Instagram pictures, and skipping school. When she is not in school, you can often find her volunteering at our church (even if she doesn’t want to be), or helping her friends, like the time she traveled three hours away to help our cousin prepare for her birthday party. Everything else in her life, even if she secretly likes it, is officially considered “dumb.”

Josiah: The dumb stuff—Dominique Margueritta Lott was born on October 26, 1999, in Washington, DC. She moved to Lake Wylie, South Carolina in 2007, and has hated it ever since. During her high school career, she has served on her student council, as her church’s youth representative, and as her Jack & Jill chapter’s teen vice president. Next year, she will attend the University of South Carolina at Beaufort, where she hopes to major in Spanish and minor in hospitality management. We know that her passion for helping people—even if she doesn’t like to show it—will bless everyone she serves.

Gabriella: On a more serious note, Dominique is the kind of sister everyone needs. She is the first person to know anything that happens in our family, because she’s basically like a human grapevine, if a grapevine always to checked in on how you’re doing. I’ve never entirely felt like an older sister, because her ability to keep us all together makes me look up to her.

Josiah: To finish up, Dominique, we would like to share a few tips with you, tips that are supposed to guarantee a long and happy future in college. Number one, you cannot skip your college classes.

Gabriella: The best way to remember your student ID is to forget it once.

Josiah: Big savings account equals fun when you get out.

Gabriella: And finally, never be afraid that we will grow apart, because only you can deal with our craziness.

Josiah: With that said, everyone please stand up, and give a round of applause to our sister. We wish you a lifetime of laughter, success, love, confidence, and extra cheese in all your burrito bowls.