The Supremacy of South Carolina BBQ, Part Two: A Trip to Piggie Park

A while ago, I talked about the legacy of Maurice’s in my hometown, and I decided I had to visit one.Maurice’s has 10 locations in the greater Columbia area, but if I was going to go to Maurice’s, I wanted to go to the Maurice’s, the one that stood out in my memory, so I headed down to location in West Columbia, affectionately called The Piggie Park. This one which stood out in my mind as the official location, though I didn’t know why before I got there. Soon after driving offer Jefferson Davis McMahan bridge (yes, really) into West Columbia, I remembered why. While approaching the restaurant on my right, I was immediately greeted with the sight of the giant red and yellow Maurice’s sign, professing the “World’s Best Bar-B-Q” and a massive American flag flying over the facility, easily large enough to cover my entire pickup truck. It felt like it was compensating for something, but I knew I was nervous and biased, so I tried not to take it as an omen as a pulled up into the parking lot.

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