Gabriella is less yellow in real life. She's from Lake Wylie, SC, the home of the world's best Kangaroo and a public library with the entire Joel Osteen bibliography. Her people are from Raleigh and Henderson, and she pretends they don't leave her with a sweet spot for the lesser Carolina. In her spare time, she enjoys making all her meals in a CrockPot and complaining that Philadelphia needs better salons and beauty supply stores. She's an Urban Studies major at the University of Pennsylvania because no one, anywhere, offers a rural studies major. 

Michaela is a Kanye West apologist, born and raised in Columbia, SC. Her people are from small towns in SC named after Scandinavian countries and Mobile, AL. In her free time, she writes poetry and fiction, and drives a black pick-up truck. She's a Sociology major and an Arabic minor at Kenyon College, where she concentrates in lecturing her friends about the intricacies of Southern cuisine. Her family’s pound cake recipe is the best in the whole South.


2BG takes a closer look at the experiences of black grits (girls raised in the south), past and present, at home and away. Our focus is on those who live in forgotten intersections, those invested in larger identities—black, female, and southern—but never considered in mainstream conversations about them. Through discussion of media, culture, lifestyle, and interviews, 2 Black Grits tries to define, celebrate, and speak to this specific cultural experience.

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